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      實銳科技致力于為客戶提供施膠、固化、激光應用等自動化解決方案,集非標自動化領域研發方案設計、精密加工、組裝調試、安裝培訓和服務支持于一體。 解決方案涉及UV固化設備、熱固化設備、激光切割、激光打標、激光焊接、精密流體設備(點膠/噴膠/涂膠/灌膠)、工業機器人、智能制造、自動化生產線的研發,為用戶提供全套自動化技術解決方案。產品廣泛應用于微型揚聲器、微型馬達、屏幕貼合、新能源電池、攝像頭模組、手機組裝、油墨印刷、殺菌消毒等領域。


      Xiamen Thray Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, the company is located in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen Xiang'an National Torch High-tech Zone. It is a high-tech entity enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company has passed the ISO9001 system certification, has a number of core patents in the industry, and in October 2015 was awarded by Xiamen City, "high-tech enterprises" title. Shirui Optoelectronics is the pioneer of LED technology in UV curing industry. The products are suitable for glue curing, ink exposure, paint drying, surface foreign body detection and so on. The main customers are Gole Acoustics, TPK, Foxconn Technology, Youda and other large consumer electronics enterprises in the supply chain of Apple and Huawei.

      THRAY focuses on the development and manufacture of UV LED curing equipment, constantly improving its own management mechanism, emphasizing customer and market orientation, broadening business scope, improving technical depth, pursuing long-term, stable and win-win cooperation with customers, so that enterprises can obtain the trust and support of customers from all walks of life.

      THRAY provides customers with one-stop service, in addition to providing UV LED surface light source, parallel light detection lamp, but also equipped with UV LED protective glasses, UV energy detection, transmission system, shading system, to meet customer needs, provide the best set of solutions.

      Stable, efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection is our business philosophy, the company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, meticulous in product technology, excellence, in order to provide you with high-quality products and services. Warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers to carry out all-round and multi-level cooperation with us. By constantly enhancing the value of each other, we can achieve the soaring of our career together.





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